Monday, September 20, 2010

Counting My Eggs Before They Hatched...

Well, what I am about to tell you is something exciting, but boy did I ever count my eggs before they hatched! I had an ultrasound today and found out we are expecting a little boy. I am excited, now my little man will have a play mate! My problem is I thought for sure I was going to have a little girl. Last week I found this adorable fabric to make matching dresses for my girls and a matching skirt for me for Easter next year. I can't even make a quilt for this tyke with the fabric. I don't want him to be mistaken for a So much for getting a head of myself. I am just glad I didn't buy those two cute dresses I saw on clearance the other day.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finish to the Week

What a great finish to my weekdays this week! We went to parent teachers conference for your boy in middle school the other night. His teachers all talked about what a great kid he is! It is comforting when others recognize what a great kid you have. They talked about how they are seeing him grow and how when he gets off task, if reminded he returns well and quickly. We were able to see some of the art work he has done and he has quite the talent in that area! It is fun to see his masked excitement when he comes home during the week. He enjoys several of his teachers and I think that makes all the difference.

Yesterday was out preschoolers first field trip. They went to Apple Acres, an orchard just outside of town. It was fun to attend and see how she interacts with her peer group. Their conversations were so much different than that of the older children I have in and out of my home. It was fun to experience. Once there, the children were given a tour of the cleaning process and the machinery used to make cider and apple sauce. Later the were shown out to the orchard. Their teacher prepared them by telling them they were preschoolers, and not pickers, so please don't touch the apples. It turned out the owner was out picking in our area and helped each of the children pick their own apples. They then returned to the main building and were able and watch them go through the cleaning process, and finally enjoy the flavor of their surprise. Their teacher let them run through the orchard and see the different types of apple trees. The kids all seemed to have a great time. To prepare her class for this trip, their teacher has given them apple treats throughout the week. My preschoolers favorite treat was the home made apple cider...I need to get the recipe from her teacher...I have been being begged for it all week.

Last night some of our friends had us over for dinner. It was nice being able to just chat about life and enjoy their friendships. It was a reprieve from the day to day for me. The kids have 1 or more friends their age with these friends and it is a pleasant mix. It is a blessing to have all of the good friends I have, these included.

Today will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that when it comes to catching up around the house. Here a little and there a little. Spending some quality time with family and getting ready for the week to come. I hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. My littlest man just went potty on the big boy toilet for the first time! Yay! Now he knows it wont nibble his bum or something scary like that! Yes! Already I am seeing the light at the end of a tunnel...even if it is a long one.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Signs of Fall

I had to take a moment and share how I absolutely love this time of year! Yesterday while taking my preschooler to school I drove past where we have our farmers market. They have it each Wednesday eventing and Saturday morning From when the weather is warm enough, until it gets just a little too cool. Farmers come from surrounding areas bringing in their crops harvest and sharing it with the city folk. We see fruits, vegetables, jellies and jams, some crafts, and jerky.

Back to the point, it was fun seeing the farmers pull in with their truck loads of pumpkins and gourds yesterday, along with the late fall melons. The air is cooling and there is a crisp feeling, sometimes a nip in the air. If I were where I grew up the mountains would begin their color makeovers about this time of year and be in full array by next month. Each season has something to anticipate. My heart was lifted yesterday when I saw the first signs of fall. I hope you all have a pleasurable week!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Counting the Moments...

While wondering around one of my favorite think sights I saw this saying: "Don't count down the moments, rather make each moment count."

My mind began wondering on all of the things I have been counting down lately. There are too many things. I am ashamed to say that most of them are for my own selfish reasons. Things like Not being able to wait for this last little peanut to be born, then potty trained (I know let it come first...) I would like the diaper phase to be over. (Honestly I think I can say I won't miss this phase in particular.) I have thought to myself how nice it would be to have my own "space". Tons of things and so I won't take the time to mention them all.

Then I started thinking about the things I have been counting down. Do I want my children in my stewardship to feel like I don't want them around, or out of the way? No. I want them to feel loved, accepted and appreciated. The best way to do that is to do like the quote said and make the most of each moment. Children remember feelings. They remember some of the lessons taught, but mostly how they felt. Am I making their experience something they can look back on with fondness?

It comes back to spending time wisely. What am I doing to make the time enjoyable, not only for myself, but them also. It won't be all that far down the road that I will be wishing they were around more and feeling I have too much time and "space" to myself.

The chances of them coming around more in the future depend on how I make them feel now. If they feel welcomed, cherished and enjoyed, they will be willing to return to that more often than not. So, I need to stop counting the moments and making the moments count.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Parenting 101

I was watching an add today and touched deeply. The title is: "Parenting:the Hearts of Our Youth, found on" Now I need to act on it.

The add was on being a parent and how important our roll is. It is important that we are there for our children. By being there we need to put things aside and treat our children the way we would one of our colleagues or friends our age. Turn away from the television, the computer, a book we are reading or what ever may be distracting us from our children. Take the time to listen to them. By listening to them converse with them and let them know we are hearing what they are saying.

I have a habit of listening per sei, but forgetting what they are saying or not hearing what they are saying. It is quite often to easy for me to be engrossed with what ever I am doing to tune them out. Sometimes I find myself putting them off for a lesser activity. That cold come back to me one day, then how would I like that? Most likely not.

Another point that was made in the add was how important it is for us as parents to participate in their children's lives. When taking them to school turn off the radio and listen to their concerns, their dreams, and taking moments to share our thoughts and teach them. I found this interesting for myself because Sometimes the things I listen too aren't necessarily bad, but they are distracting me from the more important moment.

My children are only going to be little once. My step-children are only going to be here for a bit and then they will grow up and do their own thing.So the best time for me to develop a relationship with them would be right now. I think of all of these great things I can do for my family, scrap-booking, sewing, photography, so many good things that will be appreciated in the future right?

But really there are other things that will be even more appreciated today. A ready ear to listen, time out to play a family game, do a family activity, or a walk were we can ponder the days events with out the distractions of life.

If I wait until tomarrow I will have a lot of empty yesterdays. Today I will make the changes I need. Here goes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This summer has been a crazy one! Either we have been on the road, or had people dropping in for extended periods of time. It has been great! I love when family stops through! Some of them I have not seen in years, and it is great getting re-acquainted.

Grandma, an Aunt, and two Cousins stopped in. It is exciting to hear how people are growing Where life's paths have and are taking them. It is especially fun to see each generations perspective in life and how just the day to day is affecting each of us. Many things have not changed, yet we are all grwing in our own little ways. Big ways too! Each of us are having different life lessons taught to us and when we discuss these lessons it seems to help others grow a well.

My Brother had been able to stop in and it was great! He had not seen one of the cousins since he was 11, we will admit we are now in our thirties. My brother is a great guy and it is great hearing others acknowledge this. He looks a little rough on the exterior, if he wasn't my brother I might not have taken the time to know that really he is just a big caring teddy bear. What a luck sister I am.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the family from both my husbands and my side in the next couple of weeks. My Hubby is a bit older than I so his family is through with the drama mostly, I enjoy talking about philosophy with them and hearing about the lessons they are learning and yet discovering. With my own family it is always fun to reminisce about the good ole days and share the lessons we are learning.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Glimps with Purpous

Today I was running some errands. My precious little man always wants to go. "I go wiff you mom?" or dad, or to his big brothers, whomever may be heading to the door with keys in hand. It melts our hearts. So I invited him and big sister. Among my errands was a stop at a friends home. My husband and I had a hot date lined up for this weekend with them which we were going to need to change. I was dreading stopping and having to tell them for fear it may not work out for whatever reason.

My dear friend met me on the porch with some sad news. As she shared with me, my two little ones were running circles and jumping off the porch. They were laughing and giggling. She invited us in and they continued their little circus. They showed how they have learned to turn somersaults, jump high, and jump far. My little man explained how everyone is "taw!"(tall) and showed how his vocabulary is continuing to grow.

We had a pleasant visit. I enjoyed our visit, it turns out that next weekend will be just as great! My two little ones helped lift two lowly hearts. That is the purpose of little ones. To keep us young at heart, and help us lift or lighten some of the sad moments we have to experience. They are blessings, of that I am quite sure.